How To Become A Supermodel

Interested in becoming a supermodel? Sure ya are! Here, follow the Georgia Jagger method, satisfaction (ha) guaranteed:

  1. Be born to celebrity parents. You may want to work this out with God beforehand.
  2. Be moderately attractive and thin. This should be easy enough assuming that step #1 works out and you’re subsequently introduced into the Hollywood diet and body image culture.
  3. Create a stir by appearing topless in an advertisement when you are still a minor.
  4. Score yourself a Vanity Fair profile to up your cultural credibility (so people will actually want to hire you). Make sure it features tasteful yet provocative photos à la Miley Cyrus to rouse more interest.
  5. Partner with other famous people. Now Georgia Jagger is following in Kate Moss’s footsteps by landing a Rimmel campaign, a job that’s boosted by the fact that Coco Rocha will be the second face. Now just wait for the ads to come out, which will certainly lead to more work. Throw in a drug scandal and relationship drama, and there you have it … the world’s next supermodel obsession. [Elle UK]