Cindy Crawford’s Mole Makes Her Nervous

When it comes to body imperfections, Cindy Crawford could care less about cellulite. It’s her mole she’s worried about. Not that the supermodel has ever been self-conscious about her signature beauty mark, but she’s concerned that it could become cancerous. She tells the Daily Mail, “It’s not something I really like to talk about. But I do now get this and all my moles checked out every year.” The mole has grown in size over the years, which is a possible sign of melanoma.

We commend Crawford for checking up on her health and being a good example to women who sometimes let their doctor’s visits lapse for longer than they should (guilty as charged). After the jump, some tips on how to keep tabs on your own spots and beauty marks. [Daily Mail]
According to, you should perform a self-examination of your skin every month and note the following: new or unusual spots and lumps, including ones that are sore or itchy. You should also watch out for moles that change in size, shape, and color, which can be an indication of cancer.

It’s pretty hard to distinguish a regular mole from a melanoma, so if there’s anything out of the ordinary, see your derm. Also, you can always request a body examination each time you visit your dermatologist, even if it’s for an unrelated matter. For more info, see