3 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

We’re still in a recession, people. This Halloween, costumes certainly don’t need to be purchased from those expensive pop-up stores. Besides, the most creative and innovative Halloween get-ups aren’t those that come from a box but rather from the imagination. And for everyone who’s not so skilled in thinking up their own DIYs, here are a few ideas …

  1. Want fairy wings? It’s as simple as mixing old tights and clothes hangers. Just reform the hangers into the desired wing shape and cover with old tights. Finally, there’s a use for those ruined stockings with one small hole. Decorate with as much glitter as you wish.
  2. Pretending to be everyone’s favorite crazy pop singer, Lady Gaga? Remake the Poker Face with foam and paper. Attach mirror decal to cardboard, cut out tiny squares, attach to a simple mask with a hot glue gun, and just dance.
  3. Or what about The King of Pop? Is it too soon? Shorten your pants hem, add a silver glove, and learn some iconic dance moves. Or if you want to go really all-out, sew silver fabric down the side of your pants.

What are you going as this Halloween? And are you making your costume? Share more ideas please! [The Independent]