The Best Opaque Tights There Are

Opaque tights are a tricky beast; sometimes they’re too light, other times they rip really easily. And most of them have that obnoxious little elastic waistband that lends itself to endless fidgeting. But for those of us who wear skirts and dresses all winter long, they’re a necessary evil. Being a hater of regular pants myself, I fall into this skirt-wearing, tights-needing category. Extensive research has finally lead me to arguably the best opaque tights out there. I’ve tried Fogal and Wolford at $50-$80 a pop, American Apparel for $20 a pair and everything in between. As it turns out, though, 2/$20 HUE Super Opaques are far and away better than the competition. They’re totally opaque instead of that in-between BS. They don’t rip easily and are super comfortable and generally sleek-looking. Time to stock up!