Bad Breakup? 10 Things To Remember

He’s the perfect height. He has perfect hands. You love his sister. You love his scent. How can you be with someone who doesn’t know how to play the tuba? Or speak French? He is perfect and everything about him is perfect by association. The problem is he doesn’t want to be with you. And now you’re never going to find love again. Right? Wrong. Here is what you need to remember: 1. You’re supposed to be miserable.
Unhealthy: being so depressed that you don’t want to get out of bed without being unable to think of a reason for being so depressed.

Healthy: being so depressed that you don’t want to get out of bed because your boyfriend broke up with you.

Depression is never easy, but in this case it might be a necessary first step in adjusting to a new situation. Indulge in your misery. Rent sad movies, make your friends crazy, listen to Coldplay. Be sad until you get bored of being sad. Eventually you’ll realize that being happy is more fun. Read more

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