10 Easy Ways To Inject Color Into Your Home

Now that I know you’re with me on the prettiness—but lack of livability—of white interiors, I figured it was high time for a post on just how to surround yourself with more color. Today, Apartment Therapy kicks off our list of little ways to inject color with their post on gorgeous, jewel-toned doorknobs. Who says the only doorknobs in your house have to be solid and brass (or, if you’re like me, solid and stainless steel and ugly)? I love the way the above knobs reflect the sunlight and are such an easy (and relatively cheap) change we can all make. (For a little bit of info on what to look for when you’re shopping for a vintage doorknob, click here.) And, after the jump, nine more easy ideas.

  1. DIY trim. One interior designer’s trick for adding color to a room (and creating a “custom” look)? Adding trim to plain white curtains and lampshades. All you need is pretty ribbon or trim and fabric glue. I usually line the top and bottom of a lampshade (or just the bottom) and run ribbon along the inner vertical side of a curtain panel. A little color for very few dollars.
  2. Got blah roller shades? Paint ‘em! Just remove your shade from the window and lay it down on a flat surface. (You may have to use a weighted object to prevent the roll from rolling back up.) Get yourself some acrylic paint and go to town. You can do a solid wash of color or go geometric with it—I love me a zig-zag!
  3. Switch out your dresser knobs. Anthropologie has great, vintage-inspired options to jazz up any set of drawers—and they don’t cost much either!
  4. Paint the inner panels of your doors. Every room needs an accent color. By painting the separate door panels you make your cheapie door look a bit more posh. Be sure you take the time to tape off the panels for an expert finish.
  5. Upgrade your light switch plates! The options are endless on Etsy. How about trying these zebra print plates on for size?
  6. Buy cheap, colorful flowers. Stick them artfully into a pretty glass or bowl. Instant color.
  7. Decorate with bright pillows. They don’t have to be John Robshaw expensive—I love these from Design Public. Or these super-affordable ones from Etsy.
  8. Don’t ignore your dining room or kitchen table. Consider pretty placemats/napkins/table runners. I adore the always brightly-colored Marimekko line of table accessories.
  9. Paint the inside bits of your bookcases. There’s something so fresh about a dramatic color peeking out from behind your books—either paint the back wall or your bookcase or, if you really want to go for it, wallpaper it in a bold paper.