Woman Exchanges Two Children For $175 And A Cockatoo. A Fair Trade?

Paul and Brandy Romero, a couple from Louisiana, got themselves in a bit of a pickle when they bought two children from Donna Greenwell in exchange for a cockatoo and $175. Though Donna wasn’t the children’s mother, the biological parents knew they were living with her and she claims she was just trying to find a suitable home for the unwanted kids. I guess Paul and Brandy fit the bill, since they were unable to have children but happened to be selling an exotic bird and somehow the subject of kids came up during the bird-buying transaction? Both parties were charged with two felony counts of sale of minors, which apparently only gets you a five-year prison sentence. The Romeros had their sentences suspended for testifying against Donna, who awaits her trial in November. I wish every conversation on Earth were recorded, so we could hear what really went down. Something like “Nice bird!” “Oh thanks, want some kids?” “Oh totally! That would be awesome—we’re barren.” “Super, I’ll give you two for 175 and the cockatoo.” “Word.” [AOL News]