Todd English Strikes Back

Remember when celebrity chef Todd English left his fiancée, Erica Wang, standing at the altar last week, earning him the title of Worst Fiancé Ever? Well, Todd is finally defending his actions. He claims there was a very good reason that he called the wedding off … Erica hit him. In a tearful interview with People, Todd called his relationship with Erica “volatile and vicious,” and full of “physical and verbal abuse.” He says it reached rock bottom when she reportedly punched him in the eye last month. As much as I hate to doubt anyone who claims they’ve been a victim of domestic abuse, I just don’t know if I’m buying this. I mean, have you seen pics of Erica Wang? She’s hardly physically intimidating. Also, a source close to Todd suggests a more compelling reason for the breakup: “He had other girlfriends.” But Todd is prepared to put his money where his mouth is—he has filed assault charges with the NYPD over the incident. Wang responded by marching down to see the po-po in person, however her attorney said in a statement, “My client will continue to cooperate, has done nothing wrong and welcomes the opportunity for the District Attorney to reach that conclusion and clear her name.” So what do you think—real or just trying to save his reputation? [People]