Can Two Newbies Up The Drama Of “The Real Housewives Of New York City”?

We loved “The Real Housewives of New York.” Well, until they got eclipsed by the ladies of New Jersey and Atlanta. (Orange County, who?) So what’s the best way to stir up some new drama in New York City? Fresh meat! As rumors swirl that Bethenny Frankel is leaving to mix her Skinny Girl Margaritas on a solo show, Bravo is bringing in two new housewives to round out the cast. Read all about these two ladies, after the jump. P.S. No stripper/drug/murder scandals uncovered. As of yet.Sonja Morgan (left)
Age: 45
Profession: Former model and awful film producer
Marital Status: Divorced from John Adams Morgan, the grandson of JP Morgan, so they weren’t rich or anything. The couple met when she was a hostess at a Madison Avenue restaurant.
Kids: 9-year-old daughter
Accomplishments: Hob-nobbing with European royalty and clothing designers. She also executive produced “The Marsh” in 2006. Anyone catch that flick?
Favorite vacation spot: France
Housewife vibe: Wannabe Countess LuAnn. The two are besties.

Jennifer Gilbert (right)
Age: 40
Profession: Owner of party planning website Save the Date. Co-owner of baby company PortaMee.
Marital Status: Married to bank exec Bennett Egeth for seven years
Kids: Blaise 4, and 1-year-old twins Grey and Saxton
Accomplishments: Named “Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young” when she was 29. That was a long time ago.
Motto: “Why cook when you can cater?”
Housewife vibe: Ramona, part two.

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