In Bed With … Justin Bobby

November 14, 1982 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Scorpio
Mercury: Scorpio
Venus: Scorpio
Mars: Capricorn

Love Style:

He looks smelly, acts douchey and is hot as hell, but could it be that Justin Bobby is just a misunderstood baby that can’t expression himself clearly because he is so scared of being vulnerable that he acts out defensively? Ha, he may be sexy as hell, but there is no excuse for his behavior when it comes to love. Sure, he has a major capacity to be an amazing boyfriend that is dedicated, intense, loyal and passionate, but when that will occur will probably be after his looks fade. When it comes to love, Justin is all or nothing. He loves power games and is as cocky as they come, but seriously, underneath all of it, is someone that is everything that girls dream him to be. The problem is, he knows that and he is not going to let that go anytime soon, as power seduces him more than anything else in this world. Until he meets someone that can use him up like an old nasty tampon, this boy won’t be revealing all of his inner Prince Charming anytime soon.

Sex Style:

Rough and hot is generally how this boy is going to go at it. No doubt, he has quite a taste for kink and is all about hooking up. Sex is his method of expression and he’s never too shy for words. He’ll do whatever it takes to get his conquests and from there, will whip out his machismo in the most diehard manner possible. The sick thing about him though is that he tends to have sex as if he is in love with you OR the opposite, like a trashy porno. If you get the latter, consider yourself lucky and keep running. If it’s the other type, be ready to be dickmatized like never before, because it’s a no win situation — he turns it out, just to turn it off when he is done. When ambivalent feelings arise and he behaves as such, nothing good can come from it. To avoid being swept away, best to approach sex like a science experiment and live out kinky fantasies mentally rather than emotionally. From there, one can get what they need without getting caught in the undertow of his lusty powers — which tend to be strong, obviously, as many a woman has disregarded his celery stick of a personality to rub against his love rod.

His Type:

When Justin falls in love, really falls in love, he will be the ultimate. He will give his all to a girl he can trust with everything, which most likely is his total opposite — as in a conservative lady with a prudish attitude that he has to break through, as he likes to serve as the sexual missionary man that can be a teacher and superhero. She needs to be someone not won over by his attitude, but really means it, as humility is the way to make him love properly. He’s not for the fainthearted, as to have a decent relationship with him he has to be the one pursuing. The only other route that would work is an older lady with money and establishment, in which he can play the trophy in his own haughty, but private style. Either or, this guy is a lot of work and only if you are that one in zillion that he feels humbled by, then don’t expect a miracle. His entitlement complex makes him his own best type.

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