How Much Sex Is Too Much For Beyonce To Give The World?

Yesterday, I was having a bit of a Beyonce moment. For about two hours I watched nearly every video she has on her YouTube channel. And while I enjoyed my trip down Beyonce Memory Lane, especially the dance sequence at the end of “Get Me Bodied,” I couldn’t help but wonder what her foreplay with Jay-Z must be like. You’re probably thinking: “How did we get from Beyonce’s videos to her having sex with her husband?” Hold on, there’s a connection. Beyonce has gotten sexier and sexier in her videos and performances since going solo. This made sense in the early days, because she was trying to separate herself from the “good girl” persona of Destiny’s Child and had to show she wasn’t a teenager anymore (I’ll play along and pretend she really is 28 years old). And remember, she wouldn’t officially admit to being with Jay.

Now that she’s Sasha Fierce, sometimes the sex-factor dial gets turned up all the way, as Beyonce traipses around in leotards and shakes her booty like few can. She’s also a married woman. I’m not arguing that she has to act like a nun now that she’s married. Her career would probably be over if she did. But if she’s giving away so much of her body to her fans and oozing so much sex on a regular basis, what does she have left to give Jay-Z when they’re alone? It’s no secret that women are expected to entice their lovers, and there are few things a man can do in that department that wouldn’t be a little weird (i.e., stripping and wearing lingerie).

Maybe Beyonce tries out new dance routines before she and Jay get it on? Maybe he gets off on having “the hottest chick in the game” and doesn’t need any foreplay? Or maybe he simply watches one of her videos to get in the mood, and all she has to do is lie still?

Maybe I’m reading too much into this. I mean, it’s not like I’ll ever know the answer.