Couple Denied A Marriage License Because They’re Different Races

This story makes me want to stand up and scream. And then sit down and scream a bit more. A justice of the peace in Louisiana named Keith Bardwell refused to issue a marriage license to Beth Humphrey, 30, and Terence McKay, 32, because they’re an interracial couple. Instead, he referred them to another justice of the peace, saying that, in his experience, interracial relationships don’t last. “I’m not a racist,” he told the local newspaper, explaining his actions. “I do ceremonies for black couples right here in my house. My main concern is for the children.” Um, maybe we should sit him down for a chat with Barack Obama? Luckily, lots of people are raising a stink about this and asking that Bardwell resign from his post. Ugh. And this is, supposedly, our post-racial world? [CNN]