Christina Aguilera Gets The Opposite Of Dirrty On “Project Runway”

Where do starlets go when their career needs a boost? Apparently, “Project Runway.” Lindsay Lohan appeared as a guest judge on the show earlier in the season, and last night Christina Aguilera took her turn. Seeing her on the episode, sporting some serious bangs, reminded me why she’s been the pop star who’s totally fallen off the radar, even though she has the best voice. The girl is too darn nice! The designer’s challenge last night was to create a show-stopping number for Christina to perform in. The designers went pretty predictable on this one, going for oodles of sequins and feathers. But during the judging panel, while Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia dug into the contestants, Christina totally let everyone off the hook. When Heidi told Shirin that her dress looked like it needed a broom and cauldron, Christina responded, “I didn’t get witchy from it.” Her comments for most of the contestants: “It’s nice.” Come on, Christina, these are dresses you’re supposed to wear—you have to have thoughts beyond that. The only person Christina was slightly harsh on was Logan—she said his dress was a little “cavewoman,” though she said she did like that he used “color.” Uh, it’s silver and black zebra print. No color there. Come on Christina, let the claws out! Get some mean analogies going! That’s why we watch the show!

Another hilarious moment was when guest judge Bob Mackie, who Tim Gunn nicknamed the “sultan of sequins,” gave a critique to Carol Hannah, who won the challenge. He liked her dress, but said the strapless pointy neckline was “tiresome.” Then in the next shot, the cameras showed Christina … wearing the exact same neckline. And she didn’t even seem to notice the diss. I don’t know, Christina, I just think that a diva without the bite is a bore. I’d work on that.