Should Women Be Allowed To Serve On Submarines With Men?

Today on “The View,” the women discussed how the Navy is considering letting women serve on submarines for the first time. Whoopi, Sherri, Joy, and guest co-host Kara DioGuardi got into a heated debate about whether they’d be concerned about a significant other living on a submarine for 90 days in veryclose quarters with members of the opposite sex (lots of brushing up against one another as people pass in the narrow hallways). Is it a question of trust, or does it go beyond that?The Navy still has to work out some issues before this could even happen, i.e., would men and women get separate bathrooms and sleeping quarters, and what would happen if a woman discovered while at sea that she was pregnant? And some spouses have concerns. Jennifer Simmons, whose husband serves on a submarine, spoke to the AP about the situation:

“I completely believe this would put strain on some relationships because there are trust issues. It’s asking for sexual harassment cases left and right. If you’re trying to go through a passageway together, guess what — you’re going to touch.”

Do you think women should be permitted to serve on submarines with men?