Quickies: Anna Nicole Smith’s Sordid Death & Taylor Swift’s “SNL” Hosting Opp

  • Hearings have begun concerning Anna Nicole Smith’s last painful days when she was too weak to walk and could only drink Pedialyte through a baby bottle. [L.A. Times] — The more that’s revealed about her story, the sadder and sorrier that it becomes.
  • A road map for how women pick their Halloween costumes! Does it apply to you? [Maxim]
  • The International Glove Association fears for the future of mittens. Apparently, as people become obese, they store more heat and the extra comes out through the extremities, heating the hands. With more Americans being categorized as obese, fewer folks may require the mittens. [AOL] — International Glove Association? No more mittens? This is just too weird.

  • Taylor Swift will get to host “Saturday Night LiveKanye-free on Nov. 7. [The Huffington Post]
  • 30 Rock” cutie-pie Jack McBrayer talks pages, writers’ strike, the weird world of product placement, and dishes on the upcoming Halloween episode. [Star Pulse]
  • California, the land of TV, may be the first state to ban over-consumptive big screen televisions. Technology policy wonks say market-driven efforts aren’t having enough effect and the TVs have got to go because they account for 10 percent of the state’s energy use. [L.A. Times] — Mom always did say to turn that off and go outside and play.
  • Why, oh, why are Meghan McCain and Tila Tequila such great BFFs? Nobody knows. [PopEater]
  • — This is a combination definitely out of bizzaro world.