Go See “Paranormal Activity” Now

If there’s one thing in this world I have to thank Meghan McCain for, it’s “Paranormal Activity.” I went to see this horror movie last night, after the Daily Beast blogette wrote on her Twitter:
“Ohhh my GOD!!!!!! One of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen!!! My adrenalin is still pumping and I think I left nail marks in Ramins arm!!! What the f**k paranormal experience?!? Get ur asses to the theatre to see paranormal activity – haven’t seen a movie that good in a very long time!”

When Meghan McCain tells me to do something, I listen.
Sweet mother of God, you guys, she’s right. Scariest. Movie. Ever. Mind you, I started the movie already scared, as the previews for other movies freaked me the hell out. But the freakiness of this film, which was made for pennies and played at colleges across the country before it was picked up by Paramount, lies in the “shaky camera” style made popular by “The Blair Witch Project” as well as the realness of the two protagonists.

Katie and Micah are a young yuppie couple living in San Diego. Katie has been “haunted” by some sort of spirit or demon since she was a child and it has now seemingly followed her to the house she shares with Micah. The couple has heard odd noises in the middle of the night, water faucets have been turned on, etcetera — you know, your usual haunting stuff. In order to catch the spirit/demon in the act, Micah sets up a camera in their bedroom and, well, over the course of a couple weeks, s**t goes down. The movie had a slow build, with little glimpses into Micah and Katie’s relationship, which made me really empathize with them, plus, it also made me relax at points — which made the sudden f**king freakiness scare me even more. By the end, I was almost crying.

So, see this movie. Do not see it alone. And whatever you do, if you think you’re being haunted by an evil demon, don’t taunt it.