Giving New Meaning To “Bachelor Pad”

I don’t know why I’m so flabbergasted, and, dare I say, turned off, by these new padded crotch Calvin Klein jeans for men that promise “body-defining fit for an enhanced profile.” After all, we ladies have padded push-up bras, Spanx, and a variety of other undergarments that create the illusion of a body blessed by God and exercised to perfection. So, I guess it’s a little sexist of me to suggest men leave the smoke and mirrors to us … but that’s just the way I feel. I’m not alone here, right? I mean, do you guys agree with me? It’s just … it’s weird to think of a man wearing padded jeans. Like, what is he trying to hide in there, anyway? Or, not hide in there, as the case may be. [via Buzzfeed and The Observer]