Do You Feel Like A Ditz Because You Love Fashion?

“Fashion trends speak volumes about the human condition and wordlessly point us towards the zeitgeist,” writes South Africa Times columnist Jacquie Myburgh. Huh? They do?

Ms. Myburgh, like many a fashion journalist, didn’t originally seek a career in the style world, acknowledging the frivolous-sounding nature of such work. She explains: “Telling your parents you want to go into fashion is right down there with acting and air hostessing on their list of favorites.” But, over the years, she’s come to understand its importance in society, when, especially in an economic downturn, our instincts are to shun conspicuous spending and get back to less “superficial” activities.

However, maybe we should start taking the fashion industry more seriously. Myburgh points to some convincing evidence: Credit card surveys show that consumers plan fashion purchases as their number-one choice, and artistic advances in the field were especially strong this year.

This is not to cue some Miranda Priestly sermon on how cerulean blue has everything to do with your entire life, but it’s clear that the fashion industry’s role in economic re-growth is accelerating and the dialogue about “what fashion means” has been more prevalent than ever. We wouldn’t exactly put it in such academic terms as the Times, but we would hope that maybe this signals the end of the ditz era—that the woman who loves to shop can still be smart and doesn’t have to pretend she’s not interested. Thoughts? []