Do You Believe In God?

So this is interesting … a new study done by Trinity College confirmed that more women than men believe in God. In a survey of Americans who claim to be unaffiliated with any religion, 19 per cent of men were nonbelievers while only 12 per cent of women were. These stats are particularly ironic because historically, major religions have not been er … particularly kind or accommodating to women. We all know that most major religions don’t have female leaders but even more disturbing is that huge elephant in the room – for the most part, organized religion has always been oppressive to its female followers. So what gives? Why are the ladies more committed to God in spite of the obvious lack of preferential treatment?Researches have offered lots of theories. Some say the chemistry of the female brain is more likely to label an experience as “divine.” As in a man and woman both see the same cloud in the sky. A woman is more likely to see the Virgin Mary in that cloud while the man is more likely to see just a cloud. I bet this principle also applies to sex. That would explain so much! Or there’s the theory that women are hardwired to believe in God for the evolutionary good of the species. Belief in God has always been interconnected with tribal ritual and community. Women relied on these communities for the survival of their children while men were off killing dinner. Evolutionary psychologist Elisabeth Cornwell says, “religion creates the illusion of kinship, and kinship is crucial to a woman’s reproductive success.” But what if we’re not that into our “reproductive success?” Maybe then it’s just our psyches. Michael Shermer, the author of How We Believe found that women explain their belief in “emotional” terms while men express “rational” bases for belief. He says that he chalks up the greater number of male nonbelievers to the fact that “it’s a guy thing to obsess about the empirical nature of the world.” So I guess that would make it a lady thing to obsess over the theoretical? And our friend God is nothing if not theoretical. My theory (see my female psyche hard at work here)? Women need to be able to believe in God so they can deal with men. After all, we must have faith that someday the two sexes will find a way to live in peace and harmony on Earth. Please help us God. [Double X]

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