Butt Injections Cause Infections For Latin Grammy Winner

Consider this a cautionary tale. A few weeks ago, Latin Grammy winner Alejandra Guzmán went to a clinic run by Valentina Albornoz to get injections meant to make her butt shapelier, which we think is strange because her posterior was plenty shapely just the way it was. The moment that the injection entered her body, she started feeling funky. Albornoz offered to treat her discomfort at the clinic, but Guzmán went to a hospital instead. Turns out, the stuff caused an infection that spread throughout her body. And, uh, that Albornoz had been running his clinic with no cosmetology credentials—in fact, his highest degree was a high school diploma. Albornoz was arrested Tuesday, following additional complaints from other patients, including actress Gaby Ramirez.
After seven days of hospitalization and antibiotics, Alejandra is still not out of danger yet—though she did take the time to speak to El Universal in hopes of dissuading other women from getting risky cosmetic procedures. She said she got the injections to be attractive to a new boyfriend. I don’t know … If I had those legs, let alone that voice, I’d have more boyfriends than I care to attract. [AP]