“A Woman’s Nation” Addresses Our Role In Society And The Workplace

Starting Sunday on “Meet the Press,” Maria Shriver will serve as guest editor for the week-long airing of the special “A Woman’s Nation.” Women now make up nearly half of the U.S. work force, and the roles men and women have have changed as we all try to balance family and work. Shriver, with the Center for American Progress, conducted research on women and the economy, and their report will be released Oct. 16, and policy recommendations for “ways society can better support the new American worker and the new American family” will be addressed on the NBC special. Much of “A Woman’s Nation” features conversations between women who have similar careers but went through different struggles based on the era when they began working. In the clip above, Andrea Mitchell and Rachel Maddow talk about being women in the news industry. In 1979 when Mitchell was working as the energy correspondent for NBC News, her boss wouldn’t send her or another female correspondent to cover the Three Mile Island nuclear power incident because she was a woman of childbearing age — but she told him.

The first segment of “A Woman’s Nation” will appear on “Meet the Press” this Sunday morning. Check the show’s listings to find out what time it will air in your area.