Ungaro And Lohan Go Together Like A Horse And Carriage?

We’re scratching our heads after reading an article in today’s WWD titled “Emanuel Ungaro and Lindsay Lohan: Cut From the Same Cloth?” Would this actually be a defense of the star’s widely disliked design debut? It would seem that after Ungaro’s spring/summer 2010 collection showing in Paris, the fashion world had come to a general consensus about Lohan’s influence: ghastly. Those who weren’t laughing at the gaudy heart-shaped pasties and sequined jackets were reeling from the insensitivity of a high-fashion house selling out so obviously.

Yet, fashion news bible WWD is posing a counter-argument, written like a perfect debate team rebuttal. Point #1: Ungaro used to work with an untrained society girl, Sonia Knapp, who would tell him what she liked and didn’t and often used to do it with an attitude. #2: Lohan and Ungaro are both tabloid fodder—the designer was known for egging on the press with his “sexy aesthetic and sharp tongue.” #3: Both go for the super sexy, “courting a party-hearty customer.”

We can’t say that it’s the most convincing argument or a justification for what came down the runway in Paris. There is, however, one thing that seems congruous between LiLo and Ungaro. A 1967 issue of WWD described the average Ungaro customer as a woman who “shuns underwear.” With Lohan’s rep for crotch shots, those pasties are now making much more sense. [WWD]