Which Dead Celeb Will You Contact At The Halloween Tweance?

I don’t know what you’re doing on Oct. 30, but I will (skeptically) be attending the first-ever Twitter séance—yes, a Twéance—led by British psychic Jayne Wallace. Séances have been going on in dark rooms with creepy lighting since the mid-1800s, but apparently the spirit-channeling ceremony is ready for a 21st century makeover. That’s why Angels Fancy Dress, a London-based costume company, came up with the idea to do a séance via Twitter. Here’s how it’s going to go down. Tweeters will choose which of their favorite dead celebs to contact and will ask them a question. They’ll get an answer from beyond Tweeted back to them in real time through Jayne. Holy ghost! I’ve messed around with the Ouija Board before (someone was pushing it, right?), but this is on a whole new level. Now I just need to figure out whom to contact—after this summer, there are a lot of options. [The Sun]