Thigh-High Boots Responsible For New Type Of Muffin Top

Today’s forecast? More muffin top. Jess talked yesterday about how people shouldn’t assume pregnancy is responsible for that little extra pudge around the middle and just keep their mouths shut when it comes to muffin top. But here’s a new brand of ‘top for you: thigh-high muffin top. Thanks to all those fashionable folks sporting over-the-knee boots this season, we are caught in a veritable muffin top s**tstorm, of sorts. What more should you know about the thigh high muffin top? Let me explain… It’s that extra bit of thigh skin that peaks out from your over-the-knee boots, also known as your normal person legs. See, the problem with thigh high boots is they are insanely hard to actually pull off. Even five-foot-eleven naturally skinny model types have a hard time looking svelte in ‘em. The one exception? Rihanna, says The Awl:

“Rihanna DOES look good in ‘em but Rihanna is also wearing a leotard with no pants and very beautiful sunglasses made entirely of black, opaque acrylic that maybe has an earring. Rihanna has seeing-eye-people, in the name of fashion. Rihanna could carry a Sybian and pretend it’s a purse. Rihanna’s boots are too scared to look bad on Rihanna. Rihanna is Rihanna. She runs this town. Lady on the F train sporting these shits in their $80, stretchy-fabric, KITTEN HEEL iteration in broad daylight is NOT Rihanna.”

Way harsh—but a little bit true? Are you planning on buying a pair this season? I’m sitting this trend out. [The Awl]