Success! Hipsters Save Polaroid!

It’s been weighing heavily on many a hipster’s soul that one of their favored methods of capturing narcissism—the Polaroid camera—would come to a bitter end when Kodak announced that they would be stopping production of the product. Peeps were so upset that Urban Outfitters even launched a campaign with The Impossible Project, a group lobbying to bring Polaroid back.At first, The Impossible Project seemed to be just that—impossible. A group of Dutch fans took over an old factory to explore less expensive ways to produce the instant film. Turns out, they did well, reports GOOD magazine: “Well, three days ago, the last available Polaroid film hit its expiration date. Today, the new holders of the Polaroid brand announced that, in conjunction with the Impossible Project, Polaroids will live again. The Impossible Project will start producing film in 2010.”

The only negative (har, har) to this new situation is that the film will likely cost more as it will be imported from Europe. In any case, long live sexy MySpace photos! [GOOD]