Sandra Bullock Really Wants To Be The Poster Girl For Uniqueness

Sandra Bullock has always annoyed the crap out of me with her repeated portrayal of the stock rom-com character—the gorgeous, “quirky” girl. Even more irritating perhaps is that she is trying to live her onscreen persona off screen. Sandra’s message to the women of the world is always a variation of the same theme—be unique, ladies! Thanks for the permission, Sandy. In a recent interview with Parade, she said:

“Why is it that men are called ‘unique’ and ‘eccentric’ and ‘mavericks’ when they’re different, but women are labeled as ‘odd’ or just plain ‘weird?’ It’s about being unconventional and being true to who you are. Not fitting in often means you’re really standing out. If I can do anything in this time of my career, it’s to make it easier for girls who are growing up not to feel they have to wind up with someone to complete them. You know, I complete me. I’m just lucky that after I completed myself, I met someone who could tolerate me.”

Anyone else confused by this quote? She’s really grasping for something deep to say, huh? And is it an attempt at feminism? Oy. Being “unique” is great and so is “completing yourself” so someone can “tolerate” you, but Sandra, are we meant to believe that you are our role model for unique, independent womanhood? With the recycled quotes and the cookie cutter rom-coms, the image you are projecting is anything BUT unique.

I have trouble believing that Sandra is weird, odd, or unconventional in any way. I’m sorry that her childhood lisp made her feel like an outcast for a minute, but seriously? And also … how does “uniqueness” actually have anything to do with gender or love? As a real-life “quirky girl” I know that eccentricity is something to embrace and learn to be proud of; but not anything you ever want to flaunt for fear of being publicly stoned to death. “Please don’t kill me because I talk to my plants!” I also know that anyone who goes out of his or her way to stand out is sadly lacking in originality. Sandra … no more advice. Just focus on making a decent movie, please.