How To Get On The Sartorialist (Or Pretend You Already Are)

People have poked comic fun on how to get a coveted pic on fashion photo blog The Sartorialist (“own something double breasted”). Thanks to the U.K. Times’ latest interview with the man behind the camera, Scott Schuman, we now know a bit more about what he looks for out in the street—which is interesting, because part of the allure of The Sartorialist is its variety and style’s elusive meaning. With many of his subjects, you think, Why’d he choose this one?, even if you recognize something about it that’s interesting and beautiful. When looking for someone to photograph, Schuman says:

“I try to stay open to the moment. I’m usually just reacting to what I see, and don’t know what I like “best” about someone’s style until I sit down to view the photographs later. I’m always looking to be surprised or to see something familiar in a new way: it could be about color or proportion or just a person’s posture.

OK, so basically, look hip, yet aloof. We can do that. What else?

“Dress for your lifestyle. Even though I love suits and the craftsmanship that goes into them, I don’t wear them much because I’m always out shooting in the streets.

Translation: wear something comfy. To be honest, we can’t say Scott’s tips and thoughts are anything we haven’t heard before, and most are pretty basic like dressing for your body type and wearing what you want. He did, however, leave us with one extremely insightful quote: “Style is consistency and fashion is made up of lots of soon-to-be-obsoletes.” So does that mean fashion is bad? Should we not strive to be trendy? How do we know what’s consistent? Once again, The Sartorialist retains his silent quality and leaves it up to him to find us. [Times UK]