Bride Barters Her Way To Her Dream Wedding

Kerry Coryell wanted a nice wedding, but she and fiancé Kurt VanDerLinde couldn’t afford the costly photographer, limo, DJ, and all the other expenses that are part of a fancy ceremony and reception. But it was her dream! So, Coryell put an ad on Craigslist offering to barter for goods and services she couldn’t afford. Since she had done this before (instead of paying money for $8,000 worth of dental work), she figured it was worth a try. Here’s an excerpt from her ad:

“I am not at all superficial and my clothes usually come from garage sales. I never ask for anything for myself … but this day … just this one day, I want it to be mine, without limits, without settling. I hope you can help me.”

She offered to sew draps, make a homemade piñata, baby-sit, organize closet, mow yards, walk dogs, cut hair, and more. In return, she was offered the services of a DJ, photographer, videographer, caterer, minister and guitar player, along with two wedding dresses, tanning, teeth whitening, fake eyelashes, flowers, and more — and almost no one wanted anything in return. Coryell and VanDerLinde were married over the weekend on the Brig Pilgrim wooden tall ship in Dana Point Harbor in Orange County, CA.

When money’s tight like it is with most of us these days, we think this is a pretty clever way of getting the wedding of your dreams without taking out loans, even if you do have to mow a lot of lawns. Have you ever bartered for something you wanted but couldn’t afford? [OC Register via Trend Hunter]