Barbie Gone Wild!

As far as I was concerned when I was a little girl, there was only one proper use for my Barbie dolls—simulating sex acts. But Barbie and Ken humping (without privates mind you) got old after a while. Now I know that sex is not always a Barbie and Ken doin’ it missionary style event. That’s why I’m lovin’ BuzzFeed’s collection of alternative and lesbian Barbie art. Let’s give little girls some options for their future, puh-lease. Not everyone marries Ken, gets a pink Corvette, and lives in a Dream House. After the jump, some more of my favorite Barbies gone wild. [BuzzFeed]
Some ladies like Skipper with a little Ken on the side. If that’s your thing, get excited about this Barbie threesome.

Get spiritual and realize that life is not all about the material things. Ditch the Corvette and start worshiping Bali. When Barbie meets the Hindu goddess Kali, the goddess of time and change, heads will roll.

Library Barbie is one kinky bookworm.