Wish List: Sqweel 10-Tongued Sex Toy

This is the conversation that ensued when I sent Jessica the link to a post on the Sqweel, a 10-tongued sex toy:

Jessica: Oh my God! That’s so awesome!!!!!! I want one!
Amelia: I DO TOO!
J: What if it goes too fast though? It looks like it could bruise your clit!
A: I bet you can vary the speeds.J: You could also just get ten men to go down on you.
A: But then their faces get in the way.
J: Hahahaha!
A: Like, I just mean you can’t fit 10 men between your legs.
J: It works like a paddle boat. That is not how oral sex works — a tongue goes back and forth, not just down, down, down, down.
A: Yep, but this is a paddle boat that doesn’t get tired!
J: Or try to kiss your face afterward.

So pay attention, dudes. This is what’s on our holiday gift list this year, OK? Check out the highly educational video below. Who knew that when man created the wheel, it would result in such a fantastic invention as the Sqweel? [Gizmodo]

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