The Halloween Inspiration Board: Maryann Forrester From “True Blood”

Didn’t you just love to hate Maryann Forrester in season two of “True Blood“? Author Charlaine Harris has one helluva imagination, but it was creator/executive producer Alan Ball who brought Maryann to life. Even though she was a rather annoying villain (surprisingly, though, she was less annoying than Sookie Stackhouse), none of this season would have been possible without Maryann’s maenad craziness. So why not celebrate “He who comes” by dressing like his bride for Halloween? Just remember to periodically raise your arms and quiver? How to get the look, after the jump!

  1. Splendid Modal V Neck Dress, $46.50, Shopbop
  2. Long Horns Accessories for Halloween Costume, $10.95, Amazon
  3. The Jewelry Bar Gold Mesh Earrings — 14K Gold Filled Chain, $36, Etsy
  4. Bambi and Snowflake Ophelia Mixed Chain Waterfall Necklace, $20, Etsy
  5. Gold Plated Swirl Knot Scarf Clip, $6, Etsy