6 Ways To Survive That Pesky “Grow-Out” Hair Phase

Ever since Katie Holmes cut her hair super-super short, I’ve been waiting with bated beauty breath for her to start in on that awkward “growing-out” hair phase. Well, that time is finally here, folks, and we can all learn a thing or two from her on the hair front. (And got to hand it to her—unlike every other celeb out there, she has resisted the urge to throw a crapload of extensions on to fix the problem.) Here are six tips on how to grow out your hair chicly, after the jump.

  1. Bobby pin, bobby pins, bobby pins. These days they are all over the red carpet: Diane Kruger is a huge fan and so is Hollywood in general.
  2. Pump up your color. Since highlights add light to otherwise awkward layers, they actually disguise the discrepancies in length.
  3. Front braids and twists are your new go-to look. Got some longer than usual bangs hanging in your eyes? Make like Lauren Conrad in last season’s “The Hills” and braid or twist them up and out of your face.
  4. Slick it back. Everyone’s doing it.
  5. Get out your curling iron. Loose waves are a genius way to camo those uneven ends and your head full of layers. If your hair doesn’t normally hold wave that well, just be sure to use a smaller barreled curling iron to create the texture you want. When your hair relaxes, the curl will open up to the perfect size rather than opening up to flat hair.
  6. And the number one way to get through the growing out period is with frequent trips to your salon: Don’t be afraid of the scissors; your stylist can reshape and restyle your cut every step of the way, and you won’t have to lose that many (precious) inches. Promise!

What other tricks do you guys use to get through the not-always-so-gorge awkward phase?