Now 3-Year-Olds Have Better Wardrobes Than You!

And now for the latest in vomit-inducing trends: personal shoppers for toddlers. Over in the U.K., the Daily Mail reports that big-time department stores like Harrods and Harvey Nichols have come to specialize in the growing field of baby fashion, which has mothers clamoring for tiny Uggs, miniature Dior blazers, and Fendi scarves. These moms, however, don’t want to deal with the oh-so onerous task of dressing their kids themselves, so they’ve enlisted the services of personal shoppers at sky-high prices—Harrods clients must spend a minimum of about $4,000.

What does a mom get out of one of these style consultations? Here’s an excerpt where a stylist advises a black sequin mini-dress: “This is fabulous, but we’ll have to see how the color works — that complexion is begging for pinks and purples.” Naturally. Who are these people?The horror continues when you find out exactly who these mothers are. Some are, as the Daily Mail puts it, “ladies who lunch,” women who enjoy fashion, and have nothing else to do but shop. Then there are the power moms who are “high-powered working women who don’t have time to [shop for their kids] themselves.”

Let’s hope this isn’t really a trend on the rise, as these shoppers are clearly the upper-class, privileged .0000001 percent of the world. A dozen or so women buying designer goods for their kids is hardly an epidemic. Or, let’s hope it isn’t. [Daily Mail]