Need Some Genius Gift Ideas? Here’s 5 Of ‘Em

With the holiday season quickly approaching and the recession still affecting everyone’s wallet, gift giving is going to take an interesting turn this season. But don’t they always say the best gifts are those from the heart and not pre-packaged from a store?

Robert Verdi, style expert and TV host, detailed his favorite gift ideas for the Wall Street Journal, ranging from totally practical to totally random. Five tips, after the jump!

  1. Forget the standard bottle of wine. He gives a basket of colorful Sharpie pens instead.
  2. Create fun compilation presents. For vintage movie buffs, he pulls together a variety of movies, with popcorn and a note.
  3. Everyone loves a portrait of themselves. Robert had artist Sean Kenney create pictures of his friends’ faces out of Legos.
  4. If you’re a guest, bring your host a present in the form of guest hand towels, digital picture frames, flashlights, or monogrammed steak branders.
  5. But by far Robert’s most random suggestion and the biggest fan favorite? A metal tape measure studded in crystals. Because who doesn’t want to measure things with bling?

What are your most creative present ideas for the holidays this year?