Kanye’s Clothing Line Debuts … Then Disappears

Yesterday, Louis Vuitton follower and fashionisto Kanye West let down his fans, er, again. It seems like forever ago that the rapper announced that he’d be putting out a fashion line called Pastelle, which he first mentioned in the song “Stronger”: “So go ‘head, go nuts, go ape s**t, ‘specially in my Pastelle…” Since then, Kanye’s rocked a few teasing pieces from the supposed collection, like a too-cool-for-school bomber jacket and a borderline corny teddy bear sweatshirt.For some seemingly random reason, photos of the Pastelle collection hit the web, but only for a brief moment, after Kanye’s rep contacted bloggers to inform them that they had stopped production on the clothing line, and that the pics were from an old shoot. Rats! Well, what now? Supposedly he is indeed launching a label, but it will be under his own name (that seems more like him). No word on when it will come out, but we’re dying to see it. Considering Kanye’s style, it might not be all that bad. [MTV Newsroom, SwaggerDap]