I’m Taking A Polish Break—Why You Should, Too

Just last night I decided it was time for a change—I am going to go completely bare … on my toes. That’s right, for the first time all spring and summer (and, well, fall), I made the conscious decision to take off the polish on my toes and not replace it with a new coat. This is big news, and I can’t remember the last time I went without on my toes (my fingers are regularly without polish—I’m way too chip-prone to get OCD about ‘em). Wanna know why? Because it’s actually good for your fingernails and toenails to take a break. That and … during my last pedicure, I noticed my toenails were turning a not-so-pleasant shade of yellow. At the time I was still mainly wearing open-toed sandals and shoes, so yellow wasn’t going to cut it. But now that I’m fully entrenched in flats weather, it’s time to give my nails a breather. And, technically, it is a “breather”—when nails are constantly painted they don’t have access to oxygen, which helps maintain your nails’ natural, healthy color. So, all of you manicure and pedicure die-hards out there, it’ll do your nails good to ask for just buffed (no base coat or top coat—i.e., nothing), polish-free nails at the salon. Here’s to hoping a little time away from “Mademoiselle” will help!