How Sexy Is Too Sexy For A Formal Event?

Gossip Girl” character Lily Bass got married for the ten millionth fictional time last night on the show and the wide assortment of wedding attire prompted us to pose the eternal question: How sexy is too sexy for a formal event? Unsurprisingly, Lily’s borderline slutty daughter, Serena, sat at the nearly inappropriate end of the spectrum in a strapless, boob-heavy number with a peek-a-boo skirt, while Dorota held it down on the matronly side. (That lady’s all class.) While we weren’t totally in love with the overdone embroidery on Blair’s dress, she has proven herself the queen of all things proper once again with a chic but still sexy wedding outfit. Nicely done, B.

Would you have worn Serena’s dress to your mother’s (50th) wedding? If your answer is no, it’s probably because you know the following:

  1. When dressing for a wedding, it’s important to choose between boobs and upper thigh. Stick to one next time, Serena.
  2. If you choose to go with the “boobs” option, you should still be able to bend over a bit without exposing the girls almost entirely. Tsk-tsk if your nips are uncomfortably close to making an appearance.
  3. Formal wear is rarely comfortable. That does not mean it should prevent you from sitting and standing like a semi-normal human being. If it does, it’s too tight, lady!

Any other advice?