Could You Read A Book A Day For A Year?

Whenever I’m going through an existential crisis, reading a great book usually helps. Clearly, 46-year-old Nina Sankovitch of Connecticut understands the profound satisfaction that can be found from sitting down with a good read. She’s close to finishing a mission to read one book every day for a year and blog about it. Yes! Every. Single. Day. Even holidays. She may be my new hero. October 28 will mark the end of her year of books. Her rules? All the books are ones she has not read. She reads only one book per author. She reads one book per day and posts the review the next day. Sure … she’s had to give up some things this year like gardening and lunching with the ladies. But she saw it as a challenge, and was happy to have the opportunity to inspire a love of books in others. Plus, reading helped her find her way through a period of sorrow and soul-searching brought on by the death of her sister in 2005. “I’ve always thought great literature is all one needs to read to understand human psychology, emotions, even history,” Nina says. “For someone sitting around reading books, it’s been a really lively year.” Follow Nina’s reading list on Read All Day. I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired. [New York Times]

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