Why Todd English Is The Worst Fiance Ever

The next time a guy screws me or one of my friends over, I will remember that it could be worse … I could have been engaged to celebrity chef Todd English. In a move that can only be described as sociopathic, douche castle Todd English ditched fiancée Erica Wang and 150 guests and skipped out on his $150,000 wedding at the St. Regis last week. In a statement, English said, “It was never intended this way, but our relationship has not been positive for some time.” Erica has a much different story. She thinks things went downhill when she refused to sign a prenup saying that if the couple split she would get big, fat ZERO. Get the full saga, after the jump.Last February, Todd English proposed to girlfriend and employee (she quit her job to organize his busy schedule) of two years, Erica Wang. Erica wanted to elope but Todd insisted on a wedding, saying, “… you’ll resent me for the rest of your life if you don’t let me throw you a big wedding.” In August, Todd took Erica to Venice and Croatia. A few weeks before the wedding, Todd was on business trip in Florida and Wang flew out to meet him for a weekend. He was supposed to return the next day to help prepare, but he mysteriously dropped off the grid. Erica called, emailed, and texted to no avail—Todd didn’t respond until two days before the wedding. “I know this call is long overdue, but I can’t marry you,” he told Erica coldly before he hung up on her.

In a heroic move, Erica decided to have the reception anyway. She drank, danced, and partied with friends and relatives without Todd. The reception was supposedly paid for in full, but Erica had one more unhappy surprise waiting for her at the end of the night—a $12,000 bill that English left for her. Hang on … it’s not done yet. On Thursday, Erica was greeted by two security guards at her former Chelsea apartment with an inventory list of what belonged to Todd and what she was allowed to take with her on her way out. Yes, people … Todd left Erica husbandless, homeless, and jobless. And to add insult to infinite injury, he was spotted partying with a bunch of ladies in South Beach on the day of the wedding. [New York Post]

I’ve met a few bastards in my life, but this one takes the wedding cake. But Wang refuses to feel sorry for herself. “I guess it wasn’t meant to be,” she says. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I could really be bitter, but I actually still believe in love.” Applause. Bravos. Props. Flowers. Medals. If anyone deserves to find love, it’s her. I propose a worldwide ban on all of Todd English’s restaurants … either that or a public beheading. Who’s with me?