Costumes For Trick-Or-Treating Or Turning Tricks?

Halloween is the one time of year when grown women let their hair down and bring their hemlines up as they become risque revelers at parties and parades across the country. But raunchy costumes aren’t only for those above the age of consent this year. A growing trend at costume stores and websites is offering risque costumes for tweens. The Dark Angel Tween Girl’s Costume, sold at, comes with a lace bustier, fishnet footless tights, and fishnet fingerless gloves. Similarly, Devil Delight Tween Girl’s Costume has a butt-skimming miniskirt and chest-baring bodice. The site also encourages the tween to be bad, saying: “It’s fun to look cute and be bad, you naughty girl!” Even the come-hither poses of the models are inappropriate. Would you believe some of these costumes are already sold out?! The fact is pre-teen girls aren’t ready for the attention these and other costumes will bring, despite the images in pop culture, like Miley Cyrus pole-dancing at the Teen Choice Awards, that say otherwise. I know why companies are offering costumes that make fifth-graders look like street walkers — they’re in the business of making money. But what would motivate parents to allow their daughters to walk the streets in sexy Halloween costumes is beyond me.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Are these simply costumes or something more? Would you allow your tween daughter to wear a sexy costume? Let us know in the comments.