How Often Do You Cry?

There’s something that’s been on my mind for a couple of months now that I need to address. Do you guys remember that article I blogged about way back in August that discussed what makes women cry? In addition to listing the top five things that make women cry at various points of their lives, the article also claimed that grown women spend roughly two hours and 14 minutes each week crying. At the time, that number struck me as extremely high, but I decided to test it out, and so, over the last two months I’ve been keeping track of my crying. The grand total? About seven minutes. In fact, I can recall only three times over the last two months that I cried at all, and loathe that I am to admit it, two of those times were because I’d gotten too fat to wear anything in my closet. Of course, my two-week honeymoon through Portugal and Spain in late August/early September was to blame for the sudden weight gain, and, one might surmise, that could be the reason I haven’t shed many tears lately. As a newlywed, I’m enjoying a rather charmed period in my life, so it makes sense I’m not crying much these days. But I certainly remember less happy times — times I wondered whether I’d ever find reason to wake up in the morning, let alone face each day with excitement. And even then, I can’t fathom crying over two hours a week. I mean, maybe there was a dark week or two I managed to cry that much, but on a regular basis? No. I’d have gone broke buying tissue!

So, my question to you is: how often do you cry? Are you like me where you save up your tears for a cathartic release once a month or so? Or, are you like a friend of mine who cries at cotton commercials and cute puppies in the park?

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