Has The Fashion Industry Lost Its Mystique?

Along with the joys of the internet and immediate information comes some sense of a loss. It’s a race to get information first; runway shows can be streamed online now; with Twitter, fashion editors are commenting on trends right from the runway; and designers are participating in documentaries to show off their processes. Does all of this access take away the mystery of fashion? Marc Jacobs recently spoke to the issue, but toed the line of pros and cons. On one hand, he sees that traveling to Paris to buy perfume only sold in Paris has ended. On the other hand, allowing fashion to be accessible to all (through reality shows and designers becoming celebrities) means that people realize the hard work and devotion behind the creation of style — this opens up appreciation to an entirely new audience.

But he realizes that one thing will always be constant: the reaction. While he plans his shows and knows just two weeks before what the Louis Vuitton collection will look like, reviews are always a surprise. So, while the web provides a ton of insider details which were unavailable to people before, fashion still hasn’t lost its sense of surprise. It’s just now a surprise to everyone at the same time. [WWD]