Eileen Fisher Gets A Bit Cooler, But Don’t Call It A Comeback

Is Eileen Fisher now cool because she’s rejuvenated her line, or just because the New York Times says she is? You probably know Eileen Fisher as the flax-glorifying designer ex-hippies or your middle school art teacher wore. Up until now, we’ve definitely placed her in the slightly grotesque momtastic category, but now we’re reconsidering. Indeed, the Times also harps on Fisher’s recognizably lame reputation: “Those women fueled the company’s growth, but for the fashion-conscious, Eileen Fisher clothes had as much style and shape as a burqa. To them, the line was designed for graying bobos who dabbled in ceramics and had lifetime subscriptions to The New Yorker.”

But now she’s decided to make the brand “hipper,” and has done so by including some less baggy styles, more girly accents, and, most notably, an eco-line. In our humble opinion, Eileen Fisher has made some upgrades to the overall image of her company, and there are some pieces we’d consider buying were it not for the hefty price tags (who knew an EF knit suit could cost $400?). After the jump, our picks from her improved collection, with one caveat: Most of the cute stuff has already sold out. If you want something you might have to wait. Just goes to show you how much getting a feature in The New York Times style section can boost your business. [New York Times]

  1. Here’s one to appeal to the chic green team: This hoodie was made from fair trade organic cotton and in a workshop in Peru. [$99, EileenFisher.com]
  2. A linen tank streamlines Fisher’s normal hippie vibe. [$128, EileenFisher.com]
  3. These fingerless gloves are so adorable! The price, however, is not. [$118, EileenFisher.com]
  4. This cute fold-over purse features “earth-conscious leather.” [$398, EileenFisher.com]