Current Obsession: My New Radius Toothbrush

About two months ago, I was chillin’ with a married couple I know. Sitting by the bathroom sink were two toothbrushes with bristled heads that were TWICE the size of what I was used to seeing. “Why do you both have toothbrushes that look like they are made for a GIANT?” I asked them.

“Oh yeah, we just got those,” my friend replied. “They’re supposed to be insanely good for your teeth.” Huh. Fast-forward two weeks to when I’m having an “adult sleepover” at my new dude’s apartment. “Here’s a spare toothbrush,” he says, handing me the same brush my friends had, which looks more appropriate for scrubbing a car than a toothbrushing session. (Oddly enough, the spare toothbrush he uses at my house is travel-sized!) WTF? Why was I suddenly being stalked by Andre The Giant’s toothbrush?

Well, my friends, I am now in love. The Radius toothbrush is the hot thing in oral hygiene. The “wide oval head distributes pressure, protects and massages sensitive gum tissue,” while the “right or left hand ergonomic handle promotes comfortable and precise brushing.” Plus, “60% of our users report it lasting three times longer than a standard toothbrush!” Seriously, dudes, my mouth feels even more super duper clean after using it! The Radius is like the big swinging d**k of toothbrush technology. I just want to say I recommend it. Because I care about your gums. [$7.95, Radius Toothbrush]