Style Buzz: Marc In Makeup

  • Marc Jacobs celebrates NARS’ 15th anniversary by donning bright red lipstick. Isn’t that how you’d do it? [Refinery29]
  • Japanese fashion badass Yohji Yamamoto has filed for bankruptcy. (I guess people just aren’t buying lopsided two-toned suits like they used to.) Seriously though, this makes us sad. [The New York Times]
  • Apparently at a total loss for new things to try as their mags flounder, Conde Nast is launching a dating site for the wannabe stylish. Somehow, we aren’t totally convinced that this is a great idea. [Fashionista]
  • “Project Runway” is turning into a game for Nintendo Wii. We’re really hoping one of the game functions lets us adjust Heidi’s hemline and belly. [AP]