Nail Art For Those Of Us Who Aren’t Into In-Your-Face Designs

Not everyone is into the matte nail craze going on right now. “Matte actually looks really ugly… kind of like you markered your nails like you did when you were a kid,” commenter loveitlala told us. Some colors might not look as good when they lose their shine, but nail polish expert Michelle of All Lacquered Up has found an amazing way to use matte-finish polishes without going completely lackluster.If you have both the shiny and matte versions of a polish, like OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques! (or have a matte topcoat like CND’s Super Matte), try a very cool, subtle French manicure, with the tip done in one finish and the rest of the nail in the other. Or, with the help of a special brush, paint a monochromatic design on top for some subdued nail art.

While completely matte nails might be a passing fad, a (modified) French manicure is timeless. [All Lacquered Up]