Paris Hilton Rejects A Seat Next To Howard Stern, And Other Celebrity Seat Switchers

Last weekend, Paris Hilton freaked out when she found out she was seated next to Howard Stern and his wife at a Kylie Minogue concert in Las Vegas. Instead of starting a feud about their mutual distaste for one another, Paris politely asked to be moved. I wonder if her new next-seat neighbor was thrilled about the placement? [NY Post]

As you might imagine, with all the drama that goes down in celebrityville, sometimes people are put too close to the people who make their blood boil. That’s why it’s time for a game of celebrity musical chairs.

  • At New York Fashion Week, Lindsay Lohan tried to get her seat switched so she’d be in between her new crush, “True Blood” hottie Ryan Kwanten, and her ex-boyfriend, Jared Leto. But Kwanten asked to be in his original seat at the end of the row. According to his rep, “He was unaware Lindsay wanted him to move seats.” [SeaCoast Online] — Too bad, because I’m over the “Twilight” drama and would really be into some new vampire love!
  • Even though he’s more famous for his phone-throwing antics than his role in “Gladiator” these days, Russell Crowe tried to get some celebrity treatment during the Andy Roddick and Roger Federer match at Wimbledon this summer. He asked to change seats to get away from his spot behind Woody Allen and Ralph Lauren. When Crowe asked the security guard to move him, he was asked to go back to his seat. [Radar] — I wanna know what his beef is with biggies like Allen and Lauren? Maybe it’s because they’ve never put him in a movie or hired him for a Polo ad campaign?
  • Mary-Kate Olsen had a front row table at designer Matthew Williamson’s party aboard the Majesty Yacht in 2004 but rejected it in favor of getting even closer to Williamson. Apparently, Alexis Bledel and her friends took Olsen’s table and when Alexis went to the bathroom, Lucy Liu stole her spot to watch Grace Jones perform. Alexis graciously stood. [NY Daily News] — I guess when the music stops and you haven’t found a seat, you’re really out?
  • In a slightly more historical example, Joe DiMaggio once refused to sit next to Bill Clinton at a Time Magazine gala. When told he would be sitting with the then president, at the president’s request, Joe said, “Absolutely not,” and threatened to ditch the event. Kissinger covered for Joe and said Joe had simply promised to sit with him, but in reality Joe hated Clinton because he was a Democrat and thought Clinton was “soft, self-indulgent and a phony.” [CNN] — You’d have to shoot me in the foot to drag me away from sitting next to Clinton, but I guess Joe doesn’t swing that way!