Kevin Federline and 4 Other Notorious Celebrity Slobs

So we know Kevin Federline needs to slim down, but it appears that he also need to clean up. He is a serious slob according to his former landlords. Gosh … I’m shocked, aren’t you? The owners of his former Tarzana, California home are demanding that K-Fed pay $110,661 in back rent and damages. His alleged transgressions? Aside from skipping out on six months rent, he left behind cigarette butts, empties, spit marks on the exterior paint (huh?), drawings on the walls, dead trees and plants, broken tiles, appliances and light covers. Oh, and he is even accused of stealing the garage door opener. Charming. [Daily News]

After the jump, some more notorious celebrity slobs.

  • America’s Next Top Model” winner Caridee English actually made headlines this year when she and her boyfriend allegedly trashed a sublet in New York City. What did they leave behind? Orange tanning dust, Band-Aids, rotten fruit, and mysterious black sludge. DISGUSTING.
  • The scariest thing police found when they responded to Lindsay Lohan’s break-in call was her apartment. They referred to it as a “pig pen.” [Celebrity Smack]
  • Just in case you thought Beyoncé was perfect, she admits she is “messy” at home. Translation: SLOB. OK, but I’m still a little jealous of her. [Huffington Post]
  • What to do if your superstar girlfriend is a big-time slob at home? Take a tip from Stuart Townsend who says he treats Charlize Theron like a five-year-old. He gives her a chore chart, gold stars, the whole bit. He must be so proud! [Celebitchy]