Soccer Mom And Husband Involved In A Possible Murder-Suicide

Meleanie Hain, 31, who made headlines last month by showing up at her kid’s soccer game with a loaded glock strapped to her belt, was found shot dead in her Pennsylvania home on Thursday in what may have been a murder-suicide. Her husband Scott, 33, was also killed. Police don’t think anyone else was involved and the couple’s kids were hiding at a neighbor’s house.There was obvs trouble in this couples’ life because the two were going through a tough separation but, for reasons that are unclear, were still living together. Meleanie was trying to get Scott’s name taken off the $1 million lawsuit and was thinking about getting a “stay-away order” against him. Neighbors said the Hains were antisocial and kind of unfriendly.

But, hang on, can we talk about how crazy ironic this is for a second? Last month, Meleanie showed up with to watch her 5-year-old kick a ball around a field with a loaded gun and now she’s dead because of a gun. This sort of puts a damper on the propnents of the Second Ammendment who were rallying around this crazy move now, doesn’t it? Initially, the woman’s permit to carry a gun was revoked by the sheriff but a county judge later reinstated it. We don’t know who did the shooting first but not having a gun laying around the house would have been a start in preventing this whole thing.

But that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?