Giles Deacon: The Next Big Thing?

Giles Deacon is now officially one of those “ones to watch.” Fashion insiders swoon over him, and the designer gained quite a bit of recognition last year at London Fashion Week with his Pac-Man themed collection, and when he presented in Paris yesterday, the successful reception of his line sealed him in as an international designer on the rise. Deacon isn’t one to go for “pretty” clothes in that traditional sense—his designs are often conceptual, yet strangely beautiful and wearable in a way that isn’t so serious. His Spring/Summer 2010 showed off this angle, taking inspiration from childhood whimsy with metallic dinosaur-shaped bags, a Barbie-pink trench coat, and housewife dresses with spider prints. What we love about Deacon is how he brings absurdity to a marketable level, balancing it with pieces showcasing interesting textures or truly amazing silhouettes. In between looks that had models dressed in metallic pants and Halloween-y corset dresses adorned with spiders, were edgy takes on tailored suits. In short, Deacon brings the kind of global, fun sensibility you see in designers like Marc Jacobs.

Now what Giles Deacon really needs is to do a collab with Topshop, so we can actually afford his clothing. Please? [NY Times]